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Scope of Business

PT. Tawang Swasti Bangun Gapura
PT. Kurnia Abadi Niaga Citra Indah Lestari

PT. Ciskada Perkasa
PT. Sokka Agung Pratama

PT. Imani Prima
PT. Imani Prima

PT. Angkasa Taruma Mataram
Taruma Australia PTE. LTD - Australia
Applied Marketing Research (S) PTE.LTD Singapore Airlines Equiptments and Services

PT. Avia Jaya Indah
PT. Karya Taruna Caraka Indonesia
PT. Tawang Security Indonesia
PT. Karya Taruna Caraka Indonesia
PT. Girbah Gema Swara

PT. Perisai Sakti indonesia
PT. Imani Wicaksana
PT. Tawang Swasti Motorindo
PT. Atlas Energise Indonesia


General Trading and Agencies
PT. Angkasa Taruma Mataram

PT. Tawang Swasti Bangun Gapura not only specialist in steel door frames manufacture, but also the pioneer of a steel door frame "computerize" manufacture in Indonesia with a galvanneal / zincannel in its product. Committed to the highest quality and contribute in continuation of Indonesian tropical forest.

Honored as a reputable agent in Indonesia by Patria Aviation Oy - All Techno Handels GmBH, Grand Aviation, Aero Pneudraulics and Hayward & Green Aviation Ltd. to support the service and operational capability of MK.53, F-16, F-5, A-4, OV-10, MK-100/200, B707/737, F-27, F-28, C212, CN235, S-58T, B-7G aircraft operated by The Indonesian Air Force.

Consultancy Service
Consultancy Service Taruma Australia PTE. LTD - Australia

Established in 1996 for Flying school or training and education pilot center for non-Australian. After the economic crisis hit SEA region, Taruma Australia PTE. LTD switch to provide consultancy services for the Indonesian businessman such as cattle breeding, export, steel industry, golf course development, real estate and property.

Airlines Equiptments and Services
Applied Marketing Research (S) PTE.LTD Singapore

AMR has served the Airlines and Minister of defense of East and South East Asia's procurement of modern and sophisticate equipment. AMR also support the commercial airlines in supplying various equipment and services. Based on our solid foundation, integrity and market knowledge, AMR has managed to build a reliable, reputable association and exclusive representative network with many original equipment manufacturer.