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Scope of Business

PT. Tawang Swasti Bangun Gapura
PT. Kurnia Abadi Niaga Citra Indah Lestari

PT. Ciskada Perkasa
PT. Sokka Agung Pratama

PT. Imani Prima
PT. Imani Prima

PT. Angkasa Taruma Mataram
Taruma Australia PTE. LTD - Australia
Applied Marketing Research (S) PTE.LTD Singapore Airlines Equiptments and Services

PT. Avia Jaya Indah
PT. Karya Taruna Caraka Indonesia
PT. Tawang Security Indonesia
PT. Karya Taruna Caraka Indonesia
PT. Girbah Gema Swara

PT. Perisai Sakti indonesia
PT. Imani Wicaksana
PT. Tawang Swasti Motorindo
PT. Atlas Energise Indonesia


Llumar Window Films
PT. Perisai Sakti Indonesia

Established in 2003, PT. Perisai Sakti Indonesia entered market as LLumar window films Main Distributor for Indonesia with technical and business strategy support from CPFilm, USA as producer. Now we have more than 50 outlets in Indonesia with direct training from LLumar Int'l to guarantee our installation quality. CPFilms, USA is the largest producers of window films with distinction in research & tech, manufacturing excellence, global distribution & dedicated customer service. CPFilms is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Balmerol Lubricants & Grease
PT. Imani Wicaksana

Distributor of Balmerol products, the conventional and specialty greases & lube oils manufactured by Balmer & Lawrie, India. BALMEROL quality product and services that were established since 1867, aimed at anticipating and exceeding customer needs, is support with high emphasis on research & development, a good supply record and customer satisfaction.

Mallika Motorcycle
PT. Tawang Swasti Motorindo

Established in 2000 as a Sole Distributor of Hero Puch motorcycle, marked "Mallika" a pioneer of an auto-matic scooter in Indonesia. Hero Puch motorcycle produced by Hero Motor, India which adopted an European model and technology .

Flat Tireproffing
PT. Atlas Energise Indonesia

This company that was established in 1995, at 2006 appointed by Arnco, USA as a Sole Distributor of Arnco's Flat Tireproofing product. Arnco its self was founded 1971, South Gate, California, They are the pioneer in the development of polyurethane elastomers. Now Arnco has become the largest manufacturer of flatproofing systems in the world and also recognized leader in production of solid and microcellular tires for commercial, lawn & garden and medical applications.